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People are absorbed in their lives more than ever before. Hectic schedules, tough days, and sleepless nights are a part of just about everyone's life. With all the dreams and aspirations around yourself, the chances that you will run out of fuel and exhaust everything are huge. In fact, these aren't just chances. Such things happen! In such lives, cleaning your home is the last thing you want to do yourself. Well, this brings a home cleaning agency into play!

Home cleaning services are the latest trends in the world. You can pay the agency when you are at home; they will send their workforce, do their job in no time, and leave. At the end of your day, what you have is an organized and tidy place to live and work! That sounds about a viable deal, right!

Extensive Home cleaning is an essential part of your life! You need to have an inspiring and tidy living space to pick yourself up at the end of the day and enjoy a good time. And well, if we talk about working from home, the organization is more significant than ever before.

A well-organized place can declutter your mind, mute the background noise from your head, and give you a headstart to work productively. House cleaning is all about the organization because, unlike an office, there won't be tons of random things lying around, but the things you own that are spread across the entire real estate.

Daily Mopper provides affordable house cleaning services that will take care of all the clutter and mess at your home or apartment. With a massive workforce on our hands at all times, along with the best cleaning equipment and technical expertise, we are giving the best home cleaning services in the town! We have been in the field for many years now, earning customer satisfaction, trust, and support due to our excellent customer service.

We believe that house cleaning services are the only missing thing in your life for you to attain your maximum work focus and operate productively.

What is included in a basic home cleaning package?

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Basic house cleaning is the most common service in Singapore. It costs relatively low and gets the job done as long as you are living in the same place. This makes basic cleaning great if you schedule getting your house cleaned from time to time.

Basic house cleaning entails simple dusting and sweeping. We will take care of your ceiling lights, fans, blinds, windows, and much more. This will ensure that accumulated dust can be removed and you don't run into cobwebs and spiders of any sort. We use hand force and special equipment such as vacuum cleaners to do this. This ensures that even the smallest dirt particles can be removed from the surface, giving everything a much more pristine look.

Your windows are the greatest targets of external dust. You leave them undusted for a week, and they will become dust galore! This is why we cover windows and blinds in our basic home cleaning package because these require regular treatment.

Also, your furniture and other interior essentials are treated in our basic package. As for furniture, it will all be dusted while your washroom sinks, kitchen counters, and mirrors are all properly washed with cleaning solutions. This means you can leave your messed-up home for us in the morning and find it in a sublime position when you come back at night.

Our basic package covers 2 or 3 master bedrooms, depending on the size of your home. We ensure all your appliances and furniture will be exactly as you left them with you. We have certified trained staff, mentored to work in congested living spaces to avoid furniture and interior damage.

How much is a deep clean of a house?

Deep home cleaning is a step forward from basic house cleaning. It goes higher in intensity, making sure things are just dusted but adequately washed to make them look precisely as new.

We will wash your ceiling fans, lights, windows, sills, and all blinds in our deep cleaning. This is to ensure that deep-rooted stains that leave a bad odor can be removed. We use the best cleaning solutions the market offers today to ensure once everything is cleaned, it will radiate a nice fragrance. Our deep cleaning is known for surprising our clients. Our clients have given us incredibly positive feedback, thanks to our dedication and trust in us.

Moreover, deep cleaning also includes vacuuming carpet surfaces at your home. We know that hair and pet fur can get clogged in carpets and rugs, making them look awful. We have powerful carpets to take care of that! As for your floors and stairs, they are all washed with cleaning solutions.

A well-maintained house can develop your emotional connection with it even more. This is because such a living space welcomes you towards itself and becomes your haven.

Normally, deep cleanups can cost around $200-300, and it is to be noted that they are done periodically, so in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a lot of money considering the benefits.

How can I professionally clean my house?

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If you want to take the responsibility on your own shoulders, you need to get the tools first. These include a few dusting cloths, a sponge, a cleaning solution, and lots of time! You can begin from top to bottom. This means you can start working with the ceiling fans, return to lamp chandeliers, and ultimately mop or vacuum your surface.

The sponge will come in handy when cleaning your washroom mirrors and bathtub. As for the kitchen, you will need more time since there will be a lot of gunk and oil accumulated on countertops, stove, and sink.

If any of this gets very intense for you, know that we are always here for you!