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Clean Carpets are certainly the pride of every house or office but isn’t it difficult to maintain it on a consistent basis? It surely is and that’s why you should hand it over to the experts only. Also, Carpet cleaning is a pretty tedious job for those who don't have the required expertise, patience or time which is why we never suggest people do it on their own.

The dust accumulated in the carpets over the time can be pretty hard to remove sometimes. Over the years, we have done a brilliant job in cleaning the carpets of many of our clients and making their lives unimaginably convenient. Ever since we started, we got you believing that you don’t have to give up on cleaning out of lack of time.

Advanced as Well as Safest Ways of Cleaning Your Carpets

Even if you don’t have time for this, we still do, since this is our work. Carpet cleaning is obviously such an important aspect of a house or an office that really can’t wait. At Daily Mopper, we have various advanced as well as safest ways of cleaning your carpets that will ensure that your carpet material is never distorted.

carpet cleaning services

Also, you can rest assured of perfect carpet cleaning services with us in terms of duration and price. Over the years, we have brought about a huge transformation in the lives of many of our clients with our amazing carpet cleaning services.

Keep Your Carpets Always up to the Mark with Daily Mopper

As a matter of fact, those were the clients who had to neglect carpet cleaning at one point out of lack of time but ever since, they associated with us, they have always been able to keep their carpets up to the mark. After all, that's the way it should be, right? When it comes to a clean house or a clean office, carpets are always the first thing to be considered.

It has never been an easy job to consistently be one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Singapore but we made it this far with our extreme dedication and hard work. Also, we keep a close track of the global trends in cleaning to incorporate the best elements in our cleaning services.

Keep Your Family Healthy With Clean Carpets

If someone told you that your carpets could be the most dangerous place in your house, you may refuse to believe. But that is the truth. Your carpets are probably the dirtiest places in your home. Your daily vacuuming cannot remove the dirt in them. The dirt goes deep inside the fibers and will not come out with your vacuuming. This dirt will eventually become the place where bacteria and viruses grow causing sickness in the family.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean By Yourself Is Impossible

Clean carpets make your house look clean. You don’t want your guests to be staring at spots and stains on your carpet while you are trying to entertain them. You know that your carpets will give out a foul smell when they are not cleaned properly. What should be the pride of your living room will turn out to become an albatross around your neck.

There is no facility in today’s homes for carpets to be cleaned. You don’t have the time to clean them perfectly using the right chemicals. You don’t have the expertise to do the job properly. You can end up damaging your carpet. There is no space enough to dry your carpets, which will leave them wet making them easier for harmful organisms to grow. All these demands that you hand over the job of cleaning your carpets to carpet cleaning services offered by cleaning companies in Singapore.

Why Are Cleaning Companies Better For Cleaning Your Carpets?

There are many carpet cleaning experts in Singapore and the demand for their services keep increasing daily. People have realized that it is better to hand over the job to the professionals as they do a better job and remove the burden from the people. People are happy when they see their carpets looking fresh and new after being cleaned by professional cleaners.

The carpet cleaning companies have a very systematic method for cleaning your carpets starting with the complete removal of stubborn dirt using chemicals. They spray a chemical and scrub the carpet first to remove the hardened dirt. This will take care of all the dirt that is deep between the fibers of the carpet. While using the chemical the cleaning companies take care to use the chemicals that are most suited for the fabric of the carpet.

One of the common cleaning methods is to use high-pressure hot water or steam to clean the carpets. This will remove all the dirt and dust completely while ensuring that the carpet doesn’t become too wet. The cleaning companies have powerful vacuum machines which can suck up the remaining moisture from the carpets.

They also ensure that there is no residue left in the carpet to promote the growth of bacteria again. They apply chemicals to prevent the recurrence of harmful organisms for a long time. Spots and stains are removed completely using safe chemicals.

Convenience of Service

The main advantage with these companies is that they can either do the cleaning at your homes or pick up the carpets and drop them back after cleaning. They will come and attend to the job when it is convenient for you. The services are offered at very affordable prices. The cleaning companies ensure that your carpet is not damaged in any way.

The best and top-rated carpet cleaning companies in Singapore

Having pets and children always means a messy carpet at your house. Common problems that people are faced with include a carpet that cannot be cleaned deep enough. It is possible to superficially do a cleaning job with a vacuum cleaner at home. However, it may just not be good enough to ensure that the carpet is as good as new. Grime, stains, and spillages would not be removed with the use of a vacuum cleaner which is why people choose carpet cleaning companies to get their carpet in good shape.

There are many companies which provide the services of cleaning your carpet at home as well as in the office. You would be surprised to learn that each of them calls themselves to be the best in the industry. This makes it impossible for you to identify the best company to use in Singapore to have your carpet cleaned. It is also quite possible that different companies specialize in different ways of cleaning your carpet. This is why it makes it all the more important for you to know which one is the best in Singapore that you can choose to have your carpet cleaned.

We list below the top companies known for cleaning your carpet in Singapore. They are rated by customers for their prices, services and different methods used for cleaning your carpet. This list would help you choose the best services when it comes to having your carpet properly cleaned at home and have it looking as good as new.

Big Red Carpet Cleaners

  • This carpet cleaning company is known for its same-day cleaning and drying service in Singapore. They are also known for antimicrobial treatments that are done for carpets and provide foul treatment and anti-dust mites treatment for your carpets.
  • Cleaning methods include getting your carpet rid of stains and spills. They also do the cleaning of rug restoration and upholstery cleaning in Singapore.
  • Customized quotations are available with this cleaning services company since they believe that each requirement from their customers is unique.
  • Various card payment options along with PayPal payment methods are available with this company.

Singapore Carpet Cleaning

  • This company specializes in commercial carpet cleaning services in Singapore.
  • They are also said to provide other services such as house cleaning, rug pickup delivery, office cleaning and curtain cleaning for both residential and commercial establishments.
  • Wall-to-wall cleaning of carpets and efficient cleaning methods are available with this company.
  • Providing tutorials and tips on keeping the carpet cleaner and tidier for long periods is also something this company specializes in.


  • You can depend on this carpet cleaning Singapore company for chemical cleaning of your carpets. Chem-dry hot carbonating extraction is said to be the method that is used to have your carpets cleaned.
  • Steam dry is not used for cleaning of carpets by this company as they choose to use carbonation at both homes and offices.
  • Carbonation solutions are used to extract dust, allergens, and dirt to the surface of the carpet from which they are removed effectively.
  • Drying time is usually between 1-2 hours with this type of cleaning method used by the company.


  • If you are a homeowner who chooses to have eco-friendly cleaning then this company may be a good choice among carpet cleaning companies in Singapore.
  • They have a certification with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) with a license to practice in the country.
  • Since they use non-toxic and eco-friendly methods of cleaning this can be an ideal and safer solution for families with children and pets.
  • Residential cleaning services start at SGD 130 and commercial cleaning starts at SGD 250 for surface areas which are less than 700 feet.

SGCleaning Xpert

  • This company is better known for its affordable prices and professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore. Their prices start at $120 for residential places and $200 for commercial establishments.
  • Their payment methods include cash payments, online transfers, and a cheque which gives multiple options to their customers.
  • Synthetic, leather and woolen upholstery and carpets with different fabrics are said to be cleaned by this company.
  • They also are said to have state-of-the-art machines and equipment to enable the best cleaning methods in Singapore.

The above-mentioned carpet cleaning companies are the top ones in Singapore which you can pick and use for your cleaning needs. All of these companies are said to offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for residential places and commercial establishments. You can contact these companies to obtain a quote on how much they would charge for your cleaning requirements in Singapore. You would be able to decide based on their prices and methods of cleaning offered that would suit you.

One has to keep in mind that superficial carpet cleaning Singapore companies are not the ones you should be hiring. This is because they do not offer complete cleaning of your carpets which may leave behind certain stains and dust. You would also have to ensure that you only choose a company that is capable of cleaning the carpets and drying them without damaging them by any means.

Carpet cleaning companies that are known for good customer ratings, reviews and testimonials are the ones you can trust with your rugs and carpets. Ensuring that the cleaning process is done appropriately would ensure that your house is rid of harmful bacteria. These might have been present in the rugs, screens, upholstery, and carpets. Proper cleaning by these companies would ensure you provide a safe, secure and clean environment for your entire family at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Mopper is concerned with providing the best carpet cleaning services in Singapore. Dive into our FAQs to learn more about our services.

Your carpet should be cleaned depending on various factors, such as the total number of family members, children, pets, and the overall lifestyle. On average, it is recommended to get the carpet cleaned three or four times every year.
It is recommended to vacuum the carpet before the cleaning process can take place. However, you may choose not to do so in case you think it’s free from debris. Yet, we strongly suggest removing visible debris. If necessary, furniture, including fragile items and décor, should be removed as well.
We do our best to satisfy our customers with our cleaning services. Yet, if we have failed to satisfy you with our services, you can get in touch with our customer support, and we will try to resolve the matter quickly.
No, there is no such need to be present during the cleaning process. We will make sure that everything is done in a secure manner, so you can be rest assured to cater to other responsibilities while we clean your carpet.
Our cleaning team comprises of local Singaporean professionals who have a plethora of experience in the field. Each one of them undergoes a stringent selection process, so you can be assured that you are getting cleaning services only from the experts.
This depends upon the extent of the cleaning. We will confirm the number of cleaners before the service.
No, you don’t need to sign any long-term contract with us. We can curate the contract as per your individual needs.
Sure, we will happily provide our cleaning services on weekends.
Yes, we can provide one-time cleaning services as well.
The drying process usually takes three to six hours. On humid days, it can take even more hours. However, the overall time depends upon the type of fabric.
By using the right technique and products, we can get rid of the majority of the odours from the carpet. However, some odours such as the ones generated from pet’s urine can persist for a longer time. We may then use a deodorizer to remove the smell.
Yes, we will try our best to do so by using enzyme-based detergents. We can also use deodorizers for replacing the smell with a better one.