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We completely understand as to how complex Rug cleaning can be sometimes and at the same time, what makes it even difficult is the fact that most of us have very limited time but things are certainly much convenient nowadays than it used to be ten to twenty years back from now. One can easily hire the best Rug Cleaning Service for one’s home cleaning or office cleaning. However, there are a large number of rug cleaning service providers available in the market and this can make things a little difficult when it comes to choosing the right rug cleaning service.

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You Can Rest Assured of the Best Rug Cleaning Ever

We have maintained a brilliant track record so far and as a matter of fact, this is one of the areas of our specialization. Our cleaners are extremely competent in their work and you can rest assured of the best rug cleaning ever. Also, our cleaners are well equipped with advanced ways of rug cleaning. We keep a close track of the various international trends in cleaning and educate our cleaners on a regular basis to help them gain an unbeatable competency.

A lot of customers have experienced a brilliant difference with our service over the years. We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers with our service.

Cleaning Your Precious Rugs in the Best Manner

You buy rugs at various places during your tours across the globe. Different countries have different types of rugs which will make your home look more exotic. These rugs can be very expensive and you must maintain them in a good way. Maintaining your rugs is not an easy job considering that they are the ones that get most dirty in your house. They suffer a lot of stamping and walking over which cause dirt to stick to them. Rugs also suffer from beverage spills which are more often than what one would like to believe.

Having rugs at home is good for improving the look of the home. You may earn praise from your friends and family. But when it comes to cleaning the rugs, it is not something that is going to be easy. It is a job that is best not attempted by you because you may end up either damaging the rugs or not cleaning them properly. Many things prevent you from cleaning the rugs perfectly.

The Dangers of Cleaning the Rugs Yourself

You may feel that you can clean the rugs yourself but there are hidden dangers in that which you may not realize until it is too late. The fact is that you will neither have the expertise nor the right equipment for the job. One of the major problems with cleaning the rug yourself is that you will use more water on the rugs. The water will not be completely removed by your vacuum. This will mean that you will have to dry it again. When drying, the residue will remain to attract more dirt and grit. You lose the benefit of having cleaned the rug.

The other problems include using the wrong chemical for the wrong materials. You could end damaging the rugs and having the colors bleed. Different rugs come in different materials and it takes an expert to identify what solutions are best for them. Another disadvantage with your cleaning the rugs is that you can never get all the dust out of it unless you have the right machines. It makes great sense to hire professional cleaners for your rugs.

What Do The Professional Rug Cleaners Do?

The advantage of having the professional rug cleaners clean your rugs is that experience that they carry with them. Their expertise is something that you cannot get anywhere else. Good professionals who offer rug cleaning service can tell the difference between different rugs and will know immediately how to handle them safely without causing any damage to them. They know which rugs need gentle detergent and where they can use strong ones for total cleaning.

They know what chemical should be used for different kinds of material and they carry them when they come for cleaning. It is not possible for you to buy all the different chemicals and store them at home. These cleaning companies are handling rugs and chemicals regularly and so they can handle the chemicals carefully without causing themselves or anyone at your home any injury.

The main thing they do is to use the right equipment for each part of the cleaning. The dusting machines that they use will completely remove all the dust from your rugs which is necessary because any residue remaining could encourage the growth of bacteria. They also have the machines for completely drying your rugs.

Things to Do Before You Book Your Rug Cleaners

The first thing to do is to find them if they are experts in the job. You can find this by asking your friends or family. You must not hand over the job to the regular home cleaners because they may not have the knowledge or the equipment. Find out what chemicals they use and whether they are eco-friendly and safe. You must check how long they will take and how fast you can use the rugs again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prefer to know more about our rug cleaning services? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions to get your answers.

You should first analyse the usage of the rug to determine how much it should be cleaned. Let's say, if you have a big family, children, or pets, your rug is likely to get dirty with urine, spillage, or other substances. In this way, your rug should be cleaned 2 to 3 times a years. If someone in your house has an allergy, then your rug should be at least vacuumed every day to get rid of dust mites and micro-organisms.
The time for drying depends on several factors, including carpet pile and density, airflow, fibre type, and temperature in the room. However, with the use of air movers and air-conditioning, the rug can dry quickly.
We do our best to remove spots and spillages from the rugs. However, some stains can permanently tarnish the rug if they are not removed immediately. Therefore, we may not be able to remove them. The content of the spill, together with the fibre of the rug and stain’s age, all dictate whether a stain can be removed or not.
We recommend removing all the visible debris from the rug, so we can clean all the stains and debris that you are unable to remove with conventional cleaning methods.
Your rug will be in the hand of professionals who have a plethora of experience in the cleaning industry. Hailing from Singapore, all our cleaners go through a strict evaluation, ensuring only the best of the best are part of our team.
We use environment-friendly and non-toxic products for cleaning the rugs. In case you have a pet at your home, you can inform us about it beforehand, so we use only the most adequate products.
You don’t have to establish any long-term contract with us. We can curate an agreement on special terms with you.
Yes, we can provide our rug cleaning services on the basis of a one-time contract.
Vacuuming is crucial for removing dust, soil, dirt, and other debris from the rug. However, it is valid only on a short-term basis. Some pollutants, like bed bugs and flea eggs, require more extensive cleaning. Stains and odours also cannot be removed with vacuuming.
Absolutely. Using enzyme-based detergents, we can get rid of your pet’s odours, although the cleaning process will then take longer than usual.
Our prices vary according to the speciality of the rugs and requirements of the cleaning process. You can contact us to get a price quote.