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Are you finding it difficult to keep your office clean? Haven’t you heard of office cleaning companies as of yet? An office is undoubtedly one of the most productive places and an unclean office can simply deteriorate the level of productivity to a massive extent. In this world of constant competition, business has to strive in all aspects to stand out amongst the others and an office is certainly one of the most important aspects for every business. A stunning office can be a huge advantage for any business and it’s somewhat like creating the best impressions for one’s clients.

Over the years, the significance of office in business has been massive which is why keeping the office cleaning is just so important. Now, technically, there's a lot of people coming in and going out of the office every day and this tends to accumulate a lot of dust particles in the Carpets and at the various corners of the rooms. Also, we are pretty much aware as to how difficult it is to maintain a clean office on a consistent basis.

Hire an Office Cleaning Services Company

Things have definitely changed a lot over the years and by now, there's absolutely no reason to be ever locked away with anything as the world has got pretty advanced over the years which is, of course, characterized by identifying the various problems one may face and offering the right services. This holds entirely true for office cleaning as well and as a matter of fact, one can easily hire an office cleaning services Company for one’s office cleaning without having to spend much time in worrying about.

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However, the real concern is to find a reliable and professional office cleaning out of the various cleaning services available in the market which might need a bit of research on your part. It can be a bit difficult sometimes since there’s almost a proliferation of such office cleaning companies and almost all of them seem to be pretty promising.

Who Are We and We Should You Choose Us?

We are Daily Moppers and we are a reliable office cleaning agency in Singapore with the most professional cleaners. We don’t just say this but we have largely proved our expertise over the years and made things pretty convenient for many people. When we started a few years back from now, people would hardly know our name but over the years, we have done an excellent job and by now, we are quite a household name. We earned it through our deep dedication and commitment towards our customers.

We received many appreciations so far for our brilliant work in this field. With our office cleaning services, you can rest assured of a timely cleaning of your office without the slightest possibility of any disruption. Also, we offer our services at the most competitive prices and in fact, it is this transparency that has largely helped us win the confidence of more and more customers over the years. So far, we have worked on various office cleaning contracts and performed brilliantly.

Ever since we started, we have certainly taken commercial cleaning services to a completely new level of innovation and advancement. It is no longer difficult to keep an office clean and what you need is commercial cleaning but wait for a second! Are all commercial building cleaning services equally reliable? You had better look before you leap. However, you can always check our brilliant track record by visiting our website and also, read the various testimonials from our customers.

Contact us if only you are totally convinced and all you need to do to contact us is give us a call or leave us a message on our website stating your requirements and address. Our executives will reach you out in no time to discuss elaborately on your requirements and set the most convenient time for your office cleaning.

The Most Dependable Office Cleaners at Your Service

At Daily Mopper, we have cleaners with unbeatable professionalism and years of experience. Also, we train them every day to make them well acquainted with the advanced methods of cleaning. If you ever see a Daily Mopper cleaner doing one's job, you will be just stunned by their proficiency. Most importantly, all our cleaners are extremely friendly. They would always listen to your suggestions and work as per your requirement to get you the best results.

Furthermore, you can always contact our customer support if ever you face any problem with any of our cleaners. It can't get any better than this, right? Perhaps, we are among those few office cleaning companies that offer a comprehensive service. So, what's stopping you now? Every single penny you spend on our service is certainly worth it. Also, we are pretty much sure that once you try our service, you will like to hire our service over and over again. That's the way it has always been and we are always pretty confident about our service. We look forward to serving you soon.

Improve Your Productivity with a Clean Office

A clean office is not something you can compromise on. If you need your employees to give their best productivity you must have a clean office. If you are wondering what the connection is, a clean office has much to do with healthy workers. Dust and dirt are the main reason for many illnesses and when your workers fall sick, they can’t do the work to the best of their abilities. This is why a clean office is essential if you want the best out of your employees.

Why Should You Outsource Cleaning Work?

The main reason is that you don’t have to worry about managing the additional employees. Another major thing is that you don’t have to purchase and keep stock of the cleaning materials and worry about whether they are available. They can do it at your convenience which means that there won’t be any disruption of work. However, it is essential to check out a few things before you hand over the work to the office cleaning agency.

Things to Check When You Hire Cleaning Services

While hiring a good office cleaning Services Company is the best way to keep your office clean, you must make sure to check a few things before signing a contract. You must check their contract and ensure that everything is included in the document. A good cleaning company that is straight forward will mention all charges upfront.

A professional office cleaning company must be able to show you proven results in the form of customer references or reviews on the internet. You can ask for references and find out more from their customers.

You must make sure that the office cleaning contracts mention about the safety of the chemicals that they use. You don't want your office employees to suffer from that or the environment to be affected. They must also use chemicals that will not damage any of your valuable items. You must discuss in detail about the cleaning solutions that they use.

Get a Complete Office Cleaner

When you hire your professional cleaners, you must make sure they can clean every part of your office and every item in it. They must be experts in cleaning your office, furnishings, furniture, machines, etc. so that you don’t have to go for different agencies for each of these. They must also be properly equipped for all these cleaning jobs.

The commercial building cleaning services that you hire should offer you very reasonable rates and be able to do the cleaning when your office is not functioning. This will save you from losing valuable office working time for the sake of cleaning work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a pressing issue? Check out our FAQs to get the answer you are looking for.

This certainly depends upon nature, as well as the size of your business. Some areas like reception, waiting areas, and washrooms should be cleaned twice or thrice a week because people tend to visit these places. Glass partitions and other ornamentals should be cleaned more than often as well to get rid of smears and fingerprints.
Yes, all our services are legal. We are a registered office cleaning agency with ACRA and NEA.
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. But if you are still unsatisfied with our services, then you can reach out to our customer service team, and we’ll find a solution.
Our cleaners are local Singaporeans who form the in-house team of our company. In this way, all the cleaners go through a rigorous testing system before they can be employed.
No, not at all. We bring our own equipment to clean your space. In case you want us to use your supplies, in particular, you can let us know about it beforehand.
You don’t have to form a long-term any office cleaning contract with us, as the contracts we form depends upon the requirements and budget of our clients.
The number of people sent by our office cleaning service company depends upon the complexity and extent of your job. For example, if you have a huge office with various architectural amenities, we might send more people to get the job done in less time.
Yes! Other than our commercial building cleaning services, you can also employ us for cleaning your home.
This depends entirely on your requirements and office space. You can contact our customer service team, discuss the job, and we’ll generate a quote for you.
We can clean the office whenever you want, be it during the operational hours or after hours.
Sure, we can. We prefer if you can call in advance and tell us about the event, so we can be ready to cater to your requirements.
Our professional office cleaning services are known for being very flexible. You can communicate your needs and preferences to us, so we can work according to your requirements. When quoting the price, we’ll give you an accurate review of all the types of cleaning services we can provide.