Carpet Cleaning Services: Uncover the Secret to Spotless Home!

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The trend of carpet never goes outdated, and most houses in Singapore are carpeted. The carpets enhance the overall beauty of your home. Having luxurious houses won't make an impression unless they are clean. Besides the image, you won't be satisfied yourself. Especially the neatness of your carpets speaks about the cleanliness of your home. So cleaning is something which can't be ignored.

Carpet Cleaning Services

It's a challenging and time taking job to clean carpets. Right? But if you don't keep your carpets clean, it will leave an unpleasant impression and welcomes different germs, which would be a problem, especially if you have a house with kids. Carpets catch dust and germs when we press our feet against them. With time, the bacteria multiply in the carpet, and thus the chances of infections also increase.

Now, the real question is how to manage carpet cleaning on your own in such busy schedules? Well, Daily Mopper brings you the best carpet cleaning services in Singapore, so you won't have to spend time worrying about cleaning your carpets anymore.

How much Does it Cost to Clean Carpets in a House?

Keeping your carpets clean can't be neglected as carpets may contain different kinds of food particles, germs, bacteria, and dust. To increase the life of your carpet and to reduce infections, carpets should be kept clean. But how much does it cost to clean carpets in a house? It depends on carpet cleaning, the number of services carpet cleaning companies provide and the services you want to avail. However, the cost of complete carpet cleaning services in Singapore remains between $80-$600.

You can always ask them to give you a rough estimate by telling them the area and material of your carpet so you can negotiate the rates.

On What Factors Do the Cost of Carpet Cleaning Depend?

These factors altogether determine the cost of carpet cleaning.

  • Type and size of the carpet
  • Number of carpets
  • Cleaning method and time required for carpet cleaning
  • Additional services of carpet cleaning companies, i.e., rug pickup and delivery

Also, carpet cleaning companies with experience have higher rates than those regular companies. It is better to go for experienced companies as they will do justice with your carpets.

Is it Worth Getting Carpets Cleaned Professionally?

Vacuuming your carpets is good, but it is only beneficial up to a certain point. Eventually, there comes the moment when cleaning your carpets on your own won't be of great help there; you will need to seek professional help. Carpet cleaning by professionals is worth your time and money.

Benefits of Getting Professional Help

All the inconvenience the self-carpet cleaning brings along cant be overlooked. So professionals of carpet cleaning are here to rescue you.

  • Use of better cleaning solutions and equipment - a key to long-lasting carpets.
  • Better appearance and health benefits
  • Effective and in-depth cleaning with superior results that last long.

Moreover, researchers recommend getting your carpets cleaned professionally once or twice every year.

Where Can I Clean My Carpet in Singapore?

Buying a carpet is easy but keeping it neat and tidy is the actual job. For that, you need to find the best carpet cleaning services where you can get a perfect clean for your carpets.

Daily Mopper, a carpet cleaning service platform, comprises skilled professionals who take tender care of your carpet, remove all stains and dirt using appropriate equipment and leading technology. A trusted carpet cleaning service comes forward with unique and personalized carpet cleaning services to meet your demands. Flexible time and complete satisfaction are ensured.

How Can I Deep Clean My Carpet Myself?

Over time, the shade of your carpet begins to darken as it gets filled with dust. Or sometimes, the carpet gets significant and prominent stains that need to be deep cleaned. The question is how to deep clean the carpet by yourself? We will tell you ways of carpet cleaning Singapore so you can keep your carpets fresh, hygienic, and stain-free. Worry not if you don't have steam cleaners because our carpet cleaning method doesn't involve steam cleaners.

Steps to Deep Clean

To clean your carpet, you require simple ingredients, i.e., baking soda and dishwashing soap. Just follow the steps in this order:

  • Vacuum the area with stain to remove all the dirt.
  • Sprinkle the baking soda or dish soap on the site that needs to be cleaned.
  • Take an old brush or towel and scrub the area with a stain with warm water.
  • Rub it until the carpet is cleaned.
  • Dry it under the fan; once dried, vacuum it again.

Who Are the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies?

With many carpet cleaning companies in Singapore, you have to be very careful in choosing the right ones. Only the right companies with professional attitude provide high-quality services and clean your carpets quickly and effectively. Selection is a brilliant job, but it's better than handing your work to non-professionals and face disruption.

How to Look for the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies?

You can always ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Another fruitful option is searching best carpet cleaning companies in Singapore online. Go for checking the ratings and reviews of different companies. Or contact other companies ask them about their services so you can make a better decision that will meet your needs and budgets. Always go for reputable carpet cleaning companies. They are well-aware of all the materials and will clean your carpets without any damage to them.

Daily Moppers have made many customers over the years. All our customers are delighted with the quality work. Our priority is to ensure that you get quality work every time.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

It's wiser to maintain your carpets by getting them cleaned professionally after six months than buying new carpets. Buying new carpets costs much more than getting them cleaned professionally.

Different companies offer different prices, depending upon the services you want to avail. Generally, the average price for carpet cleaning of 1-3 rooms starts from $75 and goes up to $300. The minimum cost can be $25, whereas the maximum price goes up to $600.

Ensure You Select the Right carpet cleaning services providers to get the best services for the money you are paying.

How Much Should Rug Cleaning Cost?

The professional cleaning of rugs takes about a week. Mostly the expensive rugs require cleaning costly methods.

On average professional rug cleaning services cost $2 to $7 per square foot, depending upon size and method. The cleaning of rug size 8'* 10' costs $150 up to $600. Additional treatments of odor and stain removal are offered with extra charges of $10 to $50.

However, the cost of cleaning depends on how you want your rug to be cleaned. The different methods of cleaning are:


Dry Cleaning

The cost for dry cleaning varies from $1.5 - $5 per square foot. It is faster than wet cleaning. This method is best for rugs where water should be avoided.

Steam Cleaning or Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning costs $1 to $4 per square foot. This technique is preferred for synthetic or machine-made rugs. Professional carpet cleaners commonly use this method.


Professional handwashing of a rug can cost $3 to $8 per square foot. This technique is preferred for delicate rugs.

Apart from methods, the material of the rug can also affect the overall cost.

Top Carpet Cleaning Service Providers in Singapore

Imagine having a beautiful house, but the carpets their stink and are full of stains. What impression would it give to others? They would not want to stay at that place. On the other hand, that carpet will be a room for bacteria to grow and infect your child and pets.

We understand in your busy schedules, it almost becomes impossible to focus on your house's cleanliness. Let us do it for you. We provide cleaning services that shine. As we all know, this famous saying 'a clean home is happy home.'

Daily Mopper uses the approach that removes tough stains with ease and without harming your carpet. Our highly trained staff will do their best to fulfill your needs. We guarantee that putting your trust in us will save you your time, and you will not be disappointed to see the results. The service is much safer and assured. We will make you fall in love with the art of cleaning.

We are looking forward to working with you. Contact us now.