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Cleaning Services in Singapore


Why should you opt for cleaning services

There are multiple reasons why you should opt for cleaning services. One primary reason is that hiring professionals to do the job for you reduces the hassle. Daily Moppers are trained especially to clean, sanitize, and dust the space you inhabit. They more than organize for you. They know what exactly your space needs and how to create an optimal environment for you to function in.

Another reason you should opt for professional cleaning services is that Daily Moppers come in with their supplies and cleaning tools. The necessary deep cleaning that your space needs requires multiple disinfectants and cleaning fluids. You will not have to stock and restock on cleaning supplies. Furthermore, hiring professional cleaners save you money, time, and productivity. Please do what you are best at and leave the cleaning to the Daily Moppers, who will whip their magic wand for you. To battle germs, you must hire those who know how to tackle them and provide you with a healthy environment.

Daily Moppers offers the Best Cleaning Services in Singapore on a Budget:

Professional cleaners are often avoided due to their sky-high prices. However, with Daily Mopper, you can avail of the best cleaning services at reasonable prices. Before choosing a professional cleaning company, customers often look for a range of requirements being met, and these include: Services: Customers are attracted to companies that take custom requests and offer a range of fixed and customizable services. Daily Mopper provides its customers to opt for one or both, a cleaning solution for all.

At your service 24/7: Following the timing picked by the customer at the time of hiring Daily Mopper's services, our professional cleaners will be at your doorstep irrespective of time or day.

Customer service: At DailyMoppers, satisfaction is guaranteed! However, if you are not and you encounter any damage or breakage, the customer service providers will send someone to fix the issue immediately. It is a matter of serving and pleasing the customer.


The Tools & Aids you need for Complete Cleaning cleaning solutions

  1. Must-have's to keep your space Clean
  2. The following is a list of affordable, necessary items you should have around the house to provide you easy and swift cleaning solutions whether or not you wish to opt for cleaning services.

    • Toilet brushes: You might have to invest in a couple of these. You need to keep the ones that wash the toilet and wash the floors separately to avoid contamination. An angled brush might come in handy for the bathroom. Whereas, a toothbrush will get those stubborn tiny spaces for you.
    • Sponges: Get your hands on abrasive sponges of varying sizes. These will be required at times when a spill has occurred to wipe down surfaces (kitchen, living, etc.).
    • Brooms: Get ones with long wiper contraptions. Brooms with swiveling heads and cloth bottoms are the best for cleaning and brooming. These are easily replaceable with newer and dryer cloth.
    • Vacuum cleaner: Tiled, marble, or carpeted floor, a vacuum cleaner will clean these all for you adeptly. Choosing one with different attachments ensures you can clean your upholstery along with the floors.
  3. Cheap Cleaning Services Singapore
  4. Though providing you with necessary service, cleaning services can often be unreasonable and too pricey in Singapore. Singapore offers a variety of prices following each client. Yet, the lowest that Singapore is willing to go in terms of complete cleaning services rates are 18 dollars. At Daily Moppers, you not only get the best prices in town. You also get a company that is registered and reputable. You will get the best professional cleaners who are trusted and are in a contract with the company. The home service solutions we provide you are one of a kind and super easy on the budget. You will not be haggling over prices with the cleaners or be obliged to tip them. The paying process is smooth, hurdle free, and cheap. Our prices for both one-time cleaning and recurring cleaning are affordable. Our range of packages covers all types of clients that may require our service.

  5. Budget Cleaning Services Begins Here
  6. Before hiring a cleaning service, every client should fix a budget. Looking after a busy household or getting your business spot clean can be quite a headache. The following are steps you should take to ensure you hire a budget-friendly cleaning company:

    1. Set a personal budget: Get out your excel sheets! Enter your income and spendings. Consider your bank statements to understand the next most sensible way to go about hiring cleaners, fixed or variable.
    2. Do not ignore monthly spendings, for example, your credit card dues or insurance dues.
    3. Set weekly goals: ensure your spending amount does not exceed the limit. Make sure you have money set aside for emergencies and regular car checkups.
    4. Moving room: Make sure you will not be spending every last dollar in the upcoming months keeping in mind your cleaning company dues.

Now that you have a budget set go ahead and hire Daily Moppers! Get in touch with us for cleaning estimates for high quality but affordable budget cleaning.

Advantages of Affordable Cleaning Services

  1. Save time! Hire yourself a professional cleaner and focus that energy and time elsewhere. Let someone take the burden off your shoulder for once.
  2. Keeps a check on your fatigue levels: Cleaning might not be your cup of tea. Indulging in it might be increasing your stress levels. Let a professional do the job. They will surely know a few tricks that will save time and money.
  3. Reduces the spreading of disease: Spaces that are shared are germ hubs. Getting an affordable cleaning service ensures that the risk of disease spreading is reduced incredibly and infections are on an all-time low.
  4. Boosts the mood: Working or living in a dirty and germ-filled space can only lower a person's morale. A clean environment not only provides you immunity but also pleasantly affects your psyche.

Types of Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Daily Mopper has worked with multinational and independent small firms to provide them with an excellent working environment. Not only does a clean office resonate well with those who visit it but it also plays an important role in the employee’s health and wellbeing. A clean environment affects the productivity of the worker. The following is a list of areas Daily Moppers office cleaning services tackles:

  • Reception area
  • Kitchen
  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Washrooms

Here we tailor our cleaning services according to your requirements, the time you wish to hire us, and the depth and detail of the clean you require. We cover every inch for you if necessary from vacuuming carpets to emptying bins you name it and we do it!

Carpet Cleaning

When you choose Daily Moppers for your carpet cleaning you will get a faster drying, deep cleaned carpet for your work or home space. We provide you with the best steam carpet cleaning services in Singapore. We use nontoxic chemicals because for us your safety is paramount. Our products are all environment friendly. Our three-step carpet cleaning is perhaps the best way to battle the dust and grime:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Mold tackle
  3. Deep cleanse and steam cleaning

Our method reduces the amount of water used in regular steam cleaning. This reduces the chances of your carpet catching mold. Our powerful extraction machines lift off every dust and germ particle off the surface of your carpet. This not only protects your family from allergens but also extends the life of your carpet.

House Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

A clean house creates a happy healthy home! Daily Moppers provide you with a no-hassle online booking quality house cleaning service. We have our professional cleaners and our helpful customer care at your service. We provide house cleaning, recurring cleaning, end of lease cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, and oven cleaning. No need to struggle with those problem areas when the Daily Mopperss can do the job for you! Our premium services will meet your family’s standards. You can opt for weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and even yearly cleaning services. Our flexible schedule ensures that your privacy is not disturbed and provided a luxury premium house cleaning service. From wiping down countertops to dusting the cobwebs away Daily Moppers get each nook and cranny for you.

At Daily Moppers our cleaning equipment, supplies and products are all environment friendly. Our products are not harmful to animals, or humans. There will be no toxic or harmful elements around you or your family. This will give you the necessary peace of mind you have been looking for. Additionally, green chemicals do not irritate skin or cause skin infections providing you with the necessary protection.

Industrial Cleaning

Daily Moppers does not limit itself to home cleaning, our services extend into the industrial arena. Cleaning industrial areas is surely no easy feat. It requires efficient planning, special equipment, and experience. Daily Moppers has all three. We tackle warehouses, industrial sites, and manufacturing areas. Here we understand that a combination of skills is required for cleaning reception and office areas and production areas. We are experienced in industrial cleaning and therefore carefully select the team we send. Our services include everything from mopping, wiping, vacuuming to:

  • Removing graffiti
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Bolt cleaning and repairing
  • Steam cleaning
  • And warehouse cleaning

We understand that industrial areas can not afford a large downtime, disruptions, or any complications. Which is why we create custom plans to work around your working hours.

Janitorial Cleaning

Daily Moppers provides janitorial cleaning services in gyms, hospitals, industrial areas, and child care facilities. When you choose us you are opting for the most affordable prices with the most exceptional service. We are not only passionate about what we do, but we also believe in creating a better community and environment for all.

  • Childcare cleaning: if you wish to protect your staff and the children under your care from catching any disease or spreading the flu, you have come to the right place. We do the job for you and also ensure the use of the environment and kid-friendly products. Provide the children in your care with impeccable and lovely surroundings.
  • Cinema and Theatre Cleaning: We’ll get the fallen popcorns, the stuck gum, and spilled liquids for you. Provide your customers with a clean fresh smelling area to enjoy and relax in. We’ll cover the snack bar, the washrooms, the car park, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

Rug Cleaning

Daily Moppers can come to pick up your rug from you or do the entire rug cleaning process in front of you.

  • We begin the process the traditional way by dusting the rugs. Next, we deep clean them, shampoo them, and then we air dry them.
  • Our experts are available around the clock to repair your rugs for you. Whether it is rebinding, or fixing the frayed edges, or repairing the fringes our experts can handle it all.
  • Moth larva can attack your rugs, eating the wool, and leaving behind torn rugs. We provide moth treatment services to protect your rugs from being damaged and ruined by moths.

Spring Cleaning

Avail our spring cleaning services and rid yourself of the chemicals and trouble. If you are looking for a deep cleaning one-time job then the Daily Moppers does the job for you! We tackle the dining area, lounge area, bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry area, and provide a general clean. Your windows, furniture, floor, carpets, and walls will all be spick spack clean once we are done with them!